10 Golden Objectives for Cross Cultural Training

In cross culture, global communication competence, globalization, multi culture on July 29, 2009 at 5:24 pm

The objectives for any organization’s cross cultural training need to be designed to meet the organization’s specific needs.  But there are some objectives that are common, and these 10 Golden Rules will bring you ahead of the competition:

  1. To encourage more sensitivity in observing, and in interaction with, people of different cultural background.
  2. To improve the understanding of micro-cultures in ones own culture.
  3. To improve the relationship between employees and customers through better awareness about cultural differences, and their impact on behavior.
  4. To develop more cosmopolitans who not only understand cultural differences, but are able to apply this knowledge in their work in a multi-cultural organization.
  5. To improve management’s efficiency in international business and their cross cultural controlling, negotiating, decision making, customer service and other vital administrative routines.
  6. To improve cultural awareness for employees stationed abroad, or re-located in their own country.
  7. To reduce the effect of cultural shock for employees stationed abroad, and to build cultural competence.
  8. To apply behavioral science – like psychology and anthropology – in international management.
  9. To improve job efficiency through knowledge of human behavior and how culture influence behavior.
  10. To build global communication competence in key employees.

Copyright 2009 Anders Haug Thomassen, Gjøvik, Norway.

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