Culture Shock At Home

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The models and methods developed to understand and assist people in reducing the negative impact of culture shock are useful tools also to be used at home.

Differences in culture between organizations can be as big and surprising as any cultural differences experienced on a distant travel.

Cultural Adaptation Process

The main challenge at home is that we do not expect cultural differences, or we have the presumption that these differences are well known to us, as well as how to handle them.  Too often we find that people struggle to cope and to adapt.

The World is Coming To Us

Another aspect today is that the cultural toolbox is needed in the most local of societies, as the world is coming to us.  This makes cultural understanding more important than ever.

In this blog I will discuss some of the key models and tools useful in cross cultural training.

Anders, from a cold a winter day in Gjøvik, Norway

Copyright 2009 Anders Haug Thomassen.  You are encouraged to use this material as long as you mention the source.  Illustration Per Kristian Strand.

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