When Globalization Hits Mum and Dad

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Challenges of cross cultural marriages, and divorces

‘Globalization’ as a term is often used in connection with topics many of us consider either too complicated or way above our heads.  But globalization has another face, raising questions we all can relate too, although we are not always well prepared to discuss them:

  • Is it OK to build a Muslim mosque in my Christian neighborhood?
  • Can kids in our school wear hijab or other religious expressions?

And are we prepared to accept a discussion about our own use of Norwegian ‘bunad’ (traditional costume) in a foreign setting?

In today’s society, it is getting more and more common with mixed marriages across cultures.  Marriage is a challenging exercise in the best of circumstances, and a mixed one often has the additional dimension of different cultural background.  These differences seems to polarize in the case of a divorce.

Kids are torn between a mum and dad that in some cases decide to live worlds apart.  These kids are basically unprotected from international legislation and common practice, as we have yet to build the necessary super-national structures needed.

As a consequence, we get stories like the Kalid Skah case that is presently running in the news.  Allegations about kidnapping, diplomatic misunderstanding between the countries of Norway and Morocco, etc.  We have experienced the clash of cultures on both individual, institutional and national level.

Moroccos Minister of Foregin Affairs expressing his disagreement with the perceived actions of the Norwegian Embassy in Morocco.

We need to get started a process of making The Constitution of The World!

Anders, from a snow covered Gjøvik, Norway.   Copyright 2010 Anders Haug Thomassen.  The use of this material is not only encouraged, but highly appreciated as long as the source is mentioned.

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