East Meet West

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Diversity as a fundamental ingredient in creating dynamic teams is powerful.  Cross-cultural team-building is essential in building organizations that can cope with the challenges of the flat world of today and tomorrow. 

Diversity. A prerequisite in dynamic creative team-building.


I have had the pleasure to work in, and to develop and manage cross-cultural teams on all continents.  Part of the team dynamics experienced are general, mainly stemming from different personalities within the team.  The main toolbox is then to be found within the field of psychology.  Another important part of the team dynamics originate from different cultural background.  Fortunately, the toolbox needed is constantly improving and comes from multiple sources.  Most models though, are developed within social anthropology.  I will present some of the models I have found most useful on this page, so if you are interested in this field – stay tuned. 

Anders, alongside Lake Mjøsa, Norway

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