Chinese Management Style Causing Culture Crash in Africa

In संस्कृति शॉक, choque cultural, cross culture, Культурный шок, emotional intelligence, global communication competence, globalization, multi culture, 文化冲击 on November 20, 2010 at 6:11 pm

Increased Chinese presence in Africa has fueled discussions on many issues.  There are obvious cultural differences and numerous incidents are coming to the surface, such as this weeks shooting in Zambia.  Local miners protested to how they are treated by Chinese management, and the Chinese managers answered by firing shotguns and wounding 16 miners.

New York Times can report:

  • As in many other African nations, the Chinese are an enormous economic presence in this impoverished but mineral-rich country, and their treatment of local workers has become an explosive political issue, presenting an awkward balancing act for governments desperate for foreign investment. “We’re an economy in transition, and we can’t afford to lose the cow that gives us milk today,” said Labor Minister Austin Liato.

We have only seen the tip of the iceberg so far.

Anders, Gjøvik, Norway

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