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Cultural friction zones (1)

In संस्कृति शॉक, choque cultural, cross culture, Культурный шок, globalization, 文化冲击 on June 30, 2011 at 11:45 am

“The Flat World” with free movement of thoughts and ideas is a tough process of change.  Major changes in history seems to be tough.  Friction zones between cultures and regimes have appeared frequently over resent years;

As predicted in "The Clash of Cultures", an important friction zone is between the Muslim world and the western world.

The Muslim World and the Western World; How far apart?

Is this a “clash of cultures” or an easier conflict of interests?  Are we discussing differences in fundamental thoughts, values and beliefs?  The trigger to conflict is far more obvious;  The Have-a-lot against The-Have-nothing.

Hopefully the Arab revolt in 2011 is part of a process updating Arab societies to 21st century transparency and democracy, with better distribution of wealth.  Then  we can all accept and live with the differences in culture.

Anders, Gjøvik, Norway