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Building the future with a rear window view

In संस्कृति शॉक, choque cultural, cross culture, Культурный шок, global communication competence, globalization, 文化冲击 on January 16, 2013 at 8:34 am

 ~ or how to stumble backwards into the future.

My small little country at the very end of the northern forest path has started this year with a cute little public debate on: What is Norwegian culture?

It is entertaining to follow the discussion for several reasons:

  • How to define culture, and all the wonderful different perspectives that surface in the debate.
  • How important the glorified past is to many people.
  • How much fear so many people have for the unknown future.
  • How strongly many people want to isolate themselves from the the ongoing globalization.
  • How much prejudice people have for anything different.

The real discussion, and an interesting one, is addressing the 5 items above:

How do we build a future society addressing peoples fear and prejudice with visions we all can support, stand behind and even contribute in making it happen?

What is Norwegian culture a generation from now?

Stay tuned, as solutions will follow!

And it has never been a good strategy to look out the rear window when you drive down a new road.

Anders, from a icy frosted Kapp, Norway.