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Globalization hitting the man in the street (2)

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Times they are a changin’ also in Oslo, Norway.

Professor and globetrotter Øystein Nordeng lost his plane from Oslo Aiport Gardermoen heading for Uganda.  And loosing an airplane for business people in the 21st century is no big deal.  What made Professor Nordeng headline news was the reason why he lost his plane:

The taxi driver of Oslo Taxi stopped at the highway, E6, at 7:00 a.m. sharp, went out of the car, pulled out his prayer mat, headed towards Mecca and prayed.

A globetrotter like Professor Nordeng for sure has experienced many situations through his career that have become entertaining dinner stories.  But here he was caught off guard, in his home country, challenged with unexpected cultural distance.

This is a new dimension of the 21st century:  Culture awareness is needed everywhere, all the time.

Roadside prayer in Xinjiang, China.

Roadside prayer in Xinjiang, China.

On the other hand, there is a Somali taxi driver in this story who has had an interesting experience with culture shock when arriving in Norway.

He will also have a lot of good stories to tell to his grandchildren about his migration, the challenges he met, and the headlines he made.

Anders, from lakeside Mjøsa (covered in ice).