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Global Communication Competence

In cross culture, globalization, multi culture on July 16, 2009 at 12:52 pm

The flat new world requires some new models, concepts and skills, and the one I find most critical is covered by the term “global communication competence” .

What does it mean, and where does it come from?

Management literature has for decades recognized the fact that managers typically excel in analytical matters, and too often lack people skills and empathy.  So we have seen literature and training focusing heavily on building/developing emotional intelligence among leaders and managers.  The beauty of a management team is that such skills are not necessarily needed by each manager, but the team is malfunctioning if none in the team posses such skills.

In any organization, the dynamics between people need to be nurtured, guided and managed in order to function well, and work efficiently towards common goals.  Adding the multi cultural aspect into these dynamics is like putting a magnifier there.  Management becomes even more important, and first of all the basics:

  • people skills
  • empathy
  • presence and availability

Diversity of different cultures and nationalities requires in addition, among other things;

  • theoretical knowledge, models and tools
  • language skills, not only for communication but for understanding
  • knowledge of the other cultures, to understand behavior, and to “decode” management style

All together, we here talk about global communication competence.

Anders, from a sunny Horten, Norway

Copyright 2009, Anders Haug Thomassen.